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Our Partners

CompEye provides best-in-class, full-spectrum practice management and administrative services to its affiliated physicians and practices in support of its mission to deliver clinical excellence. CompEye currently provides support services to 100+ doctors, 48 clinics and eight Ambulatory Surgery Centers across 11 practices in Nevada, Washington state, Utah and Texas.


Becoming a Partner

Want to learn more about joining the Comprehensive EyeCare team? 

Reach out to us today.

Step 1: Introduction
  • Our opportunity to get to know each other.
  • We will provide an overview of CompEye and look forward to learning about your practice.
- Opportunity for both parties to ask high level questions and understand your partnership goals.

- Explanation of partnership process
Step 2: Initial Diligence
Signing a non-disclosure agreement
  • Your practice and CompEye to jointly sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your data and our data is secure
Complete initial data request
  • Fulfill high level data request (including financial metrics over time) to allow us to understand your practice
Jointly discuss valuation and terms
  • Work together to develop a draft of terms and validation to create a Letter of Intent (valuation offer and agreement of exclusivity)
Step 3: Due Diligence
  • Sign Letter of Intent to enter into exclusive terms and work towards closing
  • Independent third parties to work to confirm practice information
Step 4: Closing & Onboarding
Legal documentation drafted and signed
  • Documentation includes purchase agreement, employment agreements, etc.
  • CompEye and newly joined practice to develop and execute plan to bring the benefits of joining the CompEye platform to your practice with minimal disruption to your day to day operations.