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Dr. Naomie Warner’s editorial on the innovative Luminopia treatment for pediatric amblyopia.

Dr. Naomie Warner from Nevada Eye Physicians writes on being one of the only providers in Nevada for a virtual reality solution for amblyopia among children named Luminopia. This first-of-its-kind technology is able to help correct amblyopia or “Lazy Eye” through projecting cartoons for children to view through the headset. Link:

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Dr. DeBry on the benefits of vision correction through ICL or Implantable lenses.

Dr. Peter  DeBry writes for Helathcare Quarterly on ICL or otherwise known as the Implantable Lenses. Dr. DeBry uses his expertise to explain how safe, effective and easy it is to use ICL as opposed to traditional vision correction tools such as glasses or traditional contact lenses. Link:

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